7 Savvy Summer Solutions for Solopreneurs

I was born in the summertime. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. The sun, the heat, the long days, the water ice… it all just makes me happy.

What doesn’t make me happy is when my business slows down – a condition that can sap my motivation, increase my frustration and dampen my cash flow. Oh, and what about the fact that the “kids” (or in my case young-adults) take up more share of mind, more care and feeding, and more chauffeuring (or figuring out who has what car and when!)

For women entrepreneurs, summertime can feel like a season where you really can get burned.

Over the years, I’ve learned a couple of tricks that help my business (and my mindset) stay positive:

Choose the work that suits the season.

For instance, I do tons of work on my own brand and marketing effort in the summer. There’s less competition AND more time to re-vamp my website, retool my print pieces and generally up my game for the back half of the year. This activity helps me to focus on all the new business that will follow this increased effort.

Shift your schedule.

I’m not a morning person, but summer makes it easier. I like to get up a little earlier to meditate or exercise before the heat of the day. I also like to schedule more conference calls than meetings so I can do a “walk and talk”. That’s right! Many times, I take a walk while brainstorming with a teammate or, if I have a client call, grab my laptop and take it outside to enjoy the atmosphere while “meeting”. If it’s possible in your business, change your working hours to give yourself enough of the outside sunny time that you need. Or if your kids have to get picked up from camp at 4, move your lunch “hour” later so that you can relax with them for a bit before you go back to your office. With this kind of schedule, it’s still easy to meet with clients when the need arises.

Remind yourself that not “everyone” is on vacation.

There are still plenty of people who are ready, willing and able to take the time to work on what matters to them, whether it’s hot outside or not. We tell ourselves that “everyone” else is down at the beach while we’re toiling away. It reminds me of my kids telling me there is no one to play with because “everyone else” has something great to do! I’ll tell you what I tell them: stop being such a baby and call someone… and keep calling until you find someone.

Educate yourself.

This is the best time for you to hire a coach, take an online class or read the business books that have been stacking up on the side of your desk. A few years ago, I gave up reading the morning paper, but since I love to read with my morning joe, I grab one of my many business books instead. You can’t believe how much I’ve educated myself by making that one small change. And frankly, I don’t miss the knowledge I gained by reading the morning news; I get that in many other places nowadays.

Take a Real Vacation.

So many times, we never take a “real” vacation because we feel guilty about how much time we already have to “take off” from work to pick up kids, run errands, cook meals, check in on parents and friends, remember birthdays, etc. The list goes on and on. Therefore, many times we end up spending the time we set aside for vacation to catch up on some work. A real vacation can get put on the backburner for years. Instead, take a full week—or even two—to completely recharge.

Don’t Sabotage Your Summer.

You can easily sabotage your summer by using a fixed mindset—one that already chooses to believe that “everyone’s on vacation”, “my kids take too much time for me to work” or any number of self-defeating mantras. Instead, adopt a growth mindset; one whose inner voice sounds more like, “I wonder what shifts and changes this summer will bring?”

Think About Starting a New Trend.

I’m a big proponent of the “European Way” when it comes to summer. It would be so nice to assume we are all going to take the month of August off, instead of scattering a week or two of vacation here and there throughout the summer. I just spoke to a friend who IS taking a summer sabbatical. She’ll be “on call” with her company if one of her major projects resumes, but otherwise, she’ll be on the beach. I know what you’re thinking: “I’d never be able to do that”. Well guess what? She believed the same thing up until two days ago, when she made the “deal” with her colleagues.

Even if you’re not ready to take the entire summer off, try to adjust your mindset along with the thermometer and enjoy the highs and lows of summer.

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