A Confused Mind Makes No Choice

Many times, a marketer offers too many choices. Instead of impressing the potential buyer with the array of products or services, the buyer is often confused and ends up making no choice at all.

A client of mine learned the hard way that information overload drives business away instead of attracting a variety of opportunities. Instead of using a more general – yet still precise and effective – marketing message, this particular client opted to include a list of all of their services. The result was buyer confusion, and loss of market positioning.

In this day of information overload, it’s not a lack of information that creates inertia, it’s the fact that there are so many choices, a buyer gets overwhelmed. Avoid this by keeping your marketing messages simple. When you provide a call-to-action from your potential customer, make sure you only give them ONE thing to do.

Does your marketing message need simplified? Give me a call at 610.724.7869 and I will help you develop a message that helps potential buyers make a favorable choice.

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