A Responsive Website is your Key to Online Customer Engagement

Make sure your website is RESPONSIVE.

Not sure what that means? You’re not alone…but it’s time you found out. Because if your company depends on its website even for just building credibility alone, getting a responsive website before the end of 2014 better be on your list of things to do!

Responsive web design is this: a website design that adjusts gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. Ever pull up a website on your smartphone that was just a tiny version of what you’d normally see on your desktop, and you have to try to zoom way in, and then have to try to scroll left and right to read the text and click on things? Not easy, right? That was not a responsive website. A responsive website looks good, adjusts itself AND works easily no matter whether you’re looking at it on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Why is this so important? You already know why–you’ve likely seen the major shift in the consumption habits of your audiences (and if you haven’t yet, you will). Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year. Smartphones, of course, are already booming. According to Nielsen, the majority of U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones, not feature phones. The shift to mobile is happening at an extraordinary speed, and if you’re smart, you want to be where your customers are looking; and you want to be highly engaging and easy to use when they look for you.

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