Known by those she works with as “The Truth Teller,” Terry Whitaker is on a mission–to bring more veracity to work–and to life.

Terry delivers straightforward strategies for entrepreneurs and business professionals to quit trying to do the “right” thing and do “their thing” instead. She wants people to take a stand, market a movement, further a cause and make money while their at it.

With a background working for some of the world’s best brands like Nestlé, Disney, Carnation, and Libby’s, and a small business owner herself, Terry has both succeeded and struggled, triumphed and tanked.

As the mother of two teenagers, and a mentor to three more, Terry’s BS detector is rock solid and she doesn’t hesitate to use it.  A winner of Tory Johnson’s Small Business Spark & Hustle Award, and host of the local Philadelphia TV show And That’s the Truth with Terry Whitaker, Terry is an in-demand speaker on authentic branding, culture creation and client attraction throughout the United States.

“There is not enough authenticity in business today, or in our lives, for that matter – it’s hard to know who to trust! I do know that I trust Terry, she is open, honest, and doesn’t sugar coat things. When Terry delivers the truth, it’s in a way you can hear and that is useful, never hurtful or discouraging – empowering! Terry has truly re-focused the way I look at the work I do, and the way I walk in the world.”
Carrie Link, Author