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Early this week I gave you this little bit of brilliance:  Make sure that, when you survey your audience (as I highly recommend you do), be sure to include a way of capturing the respondents contact information. If only someone had reminded ME of it when I sent out my True Purpose Test last week. The respondents were supposed to receive one of the following three answers based on how they answered the questions:

Ruby- You may be stuck at what appears to be a red light.  You may need a jumpstart to begin pursuing your true purpose.  If you’d like a FREE strategy session to determine the best way for you to move forward, contact me.

Emerald – While there may be obstacles in your path, green means you’re committed to moving ahead.  To get to a diamond level (where your true purpose is most clear), you may be interested in a FREE strategy session to discuss the best way for you to gain greater clarity.

Diamond – You’re clear about your purpose and you know that what you do in this world matters.  Even diamonds have some flaws, however. If you feel you could use an objective listener to gain even more clarity, sign up for a free strategy session with me.

However, because I made the mistake of NOT making any of questions “What is your name and email?”, I was not able to give them their answers. I so regret that mistake, because it leaves my audience hanging….and it leaves me unable to deliver on my brand promise. UGH–I am embarrassed!

If you happen to be on of those respondents, please contact me and I’ll make sure we get you your feedback. If you missed the True Purpose Test, take it now (we’ve revised it so it will work this time!) I look forward to working with all of you on your true success.

Here is the link to take the True Purpose Test:

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