Could Your Ratio be Out of Whack?

One of the biggest dangers for small companies is to have too many target audiences!  Often, when I ask a client about their SPECIFIC target audience, they will give me an answer that includes 5 or 6 vertical markets.

My next question?  How many people do you have working on/with/for/in these various categories.  The ratio of staff to target audiences is often out of whack.  For example, a twelve-person architecture firm client had eight target markets!  Believe me, I understand.  Of course you can provide service to eight verticals, but you can’t afford to market yourself to all of them….so then the question becomes “Who Cares?”

No, I mean it.  Who has the MOST TO GAIN from your ideas, services, methods, processes, etc.  Get super clear and very specific about the problem they have that you solve.  There may be several categories of people that care and that’s actually the rub.  What you need to do is prioritize those categories against your current business model and offerings and focus on those that have the highest potential value to you.

Once you’ve identified your Primary and Secondary targets, you can put your marketing tactics against one or two audiences.  This does not mean you can’t take business from other sectors!  It just means you’ll spend your business development time and energy where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Still unsure who to target?  Give me a call at 610.480.8929 and together we will figure out where you’re time is best spent.

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