Don’t Hesitate to Celebrate

Remember that list of professional goals and to-do items you made back on January 1? If you are like most people, you have likely put many of those tasks off and are now staring at a rather intimidating list. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the “must-do’s”, but as we embrace the spirit of giving this season, give yourself a break and have a moment of celebration for every task you complete in a day.

Understand that not everything may get done, and be okay with it. Spend time today prioritizing your tasks. How many do you actually HAVE to complete before the year’s end? Create a checklist of all of the items that need done in their priority order, then schedule time to complete them.
Do not be afraid to delegate. Use your capable team members, assistant and/or others in your network to help you accomplish the more tedious tasks taking up your time. If you do not have people at your immediate disposal, check out sites like and and post descriptions of the type of help you need. You will be surprised at how many amazing freelancers there are out there that can help you quickly and at a low cost.
You are moving through that task list, and it feels so good to check items off as complete. Don’t skip this step – there is something cathartic about scribbling a large checkmark next to a task that once seemed overwhelming. Now, reward yourself! Sit back for a minute and celebrate the fact that you are getting things done. Even completing the smallest tasks consistently compound into achievement of your goals. Know that you are on the right track, and give yourself that much-deserved pat on the back before conquering the rest of the items on your list.

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