Get More Sales with Less Selling

For a professional service provider or a small business owner, limited marketing dollars have to go a long, long way. And the most important step is having a clear and differentiated message and a strategic plan to communicate it. But developing these requires techniques and strategies that can make the difference between unbelievable profits and disappointing losses.

Terry Whitaker: Author, Speaker, Brand Strategist, is leading a brand new teleseries, entitled More Sales. Less Selling: Attracting your best possible clients. The highly comprehensive training will teach proven and tested strategies to help increase profits with a systematic marketing strategy that is within reach of every entrepreneur.

Terry Whitaker is a brand strategist for small business owners and specializes in professional service companies. “It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to understand the possibilities for increasing their income and leveraging hidden income opportunities. I wanted to host a training that takes the “selling” out of the process of gaining profitable business. I see so many small businesses who are leaving money on the table because of a lack of marketing and business development strategies, and this training will help change that,” says Terry.

Terry Whitaker will be teaching how entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success, her top strategy secrets, and powerful marketing techniques. Participants can listen to the training via phone or through the computer, and access the training materials at their convienence.

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