Get to the Point in 5 Seconds with a Strong Statement

This week’s marketing tip advised you to get to the point. Rather than getting hung up on every detail of your company, share what matters MOST.
You literally have 5 seconds on your webpage, e-blast or brochure to compel people to stay longer. The most important thing to give in that timeframe is WHO and what THEY get from you. For example, if I am Jane Dolente (the Skilled Negotiator) I would say something like “I show  executive women (WHO) how to get MORE VALUE, LESS WASTE AND LOWER COSTS in every negotiation.” (What THEY get).
One of my constant efforts lies in getting people to understand that it’s as good to repel as it is to attract. In order to grab attention, you MUST take a strong position. If you feel yourself getting uncomfortable sitting on that fence, call me for help.

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