It’s Never too Late to Say Thanks

A heartfelt, handwritten and branded Thank You card can go a long way. You may be wondering when to send them and to whom. The answer is, anytime you are grateful! Maybe you’ve just made a new acquaintance and you really hit it off. Perhaps someone recommended you for a new project. Gratitude can be a fleeting feeling, and it’s easy to forget when someone’s given you a good turn, however, I believe it’s never too late to say thanks.
Referral sources are not the only ones who should receive your gratitude. Anyone whose given help, great conversation or emotional support is a great candidate to receive a card. Like anything, though, you CAN overdo it. In order for a card to keep it’s special factor, make sure you use it to express true gratitude. If it looks like and smells like an obsequious marketing or selling ploy, it will be perceived as one.

Where to get a great, branded Thank You card that won’t cost you a fortune? Using any good quality printer is really not very expensive (couple hundred bucks max)–and totally worth it. Just make sure you keep the design simple and print on quality card stock. Oh, and don’t put your address on the actual card in case you move! Your address will be handwritten on the return envelope.  Another money-saving tip: while your card should be branded, your envelop doesn’t have to be. Using a good quality envelop from Staples will serve just as well.

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