Remind People of Your Brand by Adding to Their Lives

The very best way to remind people about your brand WITHOUT being annoying is to continually add to people’s lives in a positive way. Remember, it’s not about YOU. It’s not your job to remind people about you–it’s your job to think about what issues they are dealing with and offer helpful solutions.
For example, a colleague of mine just called me the other day because she felt she needed some Truth Telling. She is not currently a client; but I listened and offered my counsel. Do you think she’ll continue to remember me as the “truth teller”? Darn right she will; and she’ll likely both hire me in the future AND recommend me to her friends and colleagues. That’s because I’m not “reminding” her by talking about myself, I’m reminding her by offering her a piece of me for HER benefit.

But how do I keep this free advice from ALWAYS being free? Here’s another example: I have another colleague who has asked for advice many times. I have always offered it freely. But, when he came to me with a bigger issue, I truthfully just said, “This one is going to require a longer and more intensive coaching scenario and it’s going to cost you”. Because he knows my advice works, he jumped right on board; he’s not out there “shopping” for a coach and making price comparisons.

Another great way to remind people about what you do is not to talk about what you do but FOR WHOM you do it. Whenever people ask me what I do, I say something like, “I help professional women who are super-frustrated or pissed off about their current situation”. That usually gets a big laugh and a “Boy, do I know a few of those” responses. Do forget about being “subtle”, but also forget about YOU, and concentrate on THEM.

Developing and reminding people of your brand takes some coaching to get it just right. Who better to help you out in this area other than the Truth Teller? See what I just did there?…

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