Show Gratitude

Recently, a client of ours began looking for a firm to assist them with another sector of their business. We were in consideration for the new piece. It would have been a meaningful chunk of change for us. Ultimately, however, we weren’t chosen because we didn’t have a particular area of expertise that they needed badly.
Ugh. That did not feel good. Although I grieved the loss in the moment, I am choosing to look at the situation with more gratitude than grief. For one, we are still retaining the piece of business we already had and do well. (Who knows? We could have lost that, too!) 2. Working with this client is fun. We like them and they like us. They’d recommend us wholeheartedly – and have. Who knows? If we got that other piece of business but weren’t prepared for it, we may have soured the whole relationship.
And finally, I choose gratitude because it makes my life better. End of story. No piece of business is worth feeling awful about  – it just isn’t.

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