Simple Brands Attract Customers

On Monday my marketing tip of the week was to avoid being granular. A common mistake among business owners is over-communicating their brand instead of choosing a simple-yet-enticing sentence.
If you’re just starting out and not sure which of your services to talk about, go back again to your customers. What’s their BIGGEST issue? Once you “paint the door” with your language, you welcome them to walk through and they can find out about the other services. By the way, this is good advice for ALL businesses.
It’s always our biggest fear that if we don’t say everything we might leave out a potential customer. But the reality is that we don’t give our customers enough credit. If someone is intrigued by your offering, but they have a slightly different need, THEY WILL ASK! I just met a woman this morning who was an interior designer. Because I am mid-renovation and somewhat interested, I asked, “Do you do primarily commercial or residential work?”

When you’re a solopreneur, it’s even more critical to get focused. Simplify your branding into one succinct focal point; then branch out from there. Stuck on where to start? Call me and we’ll give your brand the boost you want.

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