Six Tips for Developing a Collaborative Business Group

Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a larger business, there are times when you find yourself in a situation where you could use some support in getting your objectives met–and you don’t always have a staff to assist you.  That’s when it’s time to develop a collaborative business group. Your collaborative business group could be as minimal as a networking group, or as deep as a mastermind, and in time, could take on different forms.

Regardless of the purpose, size and form, be sure to follow these six tips to develop a highly effective collaborative business group:

1. Adopt a collaborative mindset.

Keep in mind the old adage, “there is no I in TEAM”. You are creating this group of individuals to support you in meeting objectives, so delegate items off of your plate and keep an open mind when it comes to hearing ideas for improvement. Allow each person in the group to have an equal voice so that they are sharing knowledge freely, learning from one another, sharing the workload and resources, and working together to complete tasks and objectives.

2. Align with others who share your core values.

This is a big one. The last thing you want when working in a group is someone undermining your success to push their own agenda. Groups with differing core values are less likely to adopt a team approach or to want one another to succeed. Choose people you know, trust, and who have compatible goals.

3. Form a group of differing skill sets.

Balance your collaborative business group by selecting individuals who complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Your goals – and your team members – will benefit from learning from one another’s expertise. It will be easier to delegate tasks to those who are skilled in certain areas, and will create further engagement as each team member works on things they are both passionate and good at.

4. Pay it forward and give back.

Remember to refer your collaborative partners whenever you can!  They’ll return the favor.  Even if your group isn’t a “networking” collaborative, you don’t want to miss opportunities to support one another.

5. Don’t stretch yourself too thin.

The idea behind this group is that each member is working on a different task to move the collective objective forward. While you may manage the group as a whole, each member is responsible for his/her own tasks that you have delegated to them.

6. Increase your level of self-awareness.

Understand what you are good at and where you need some help. This will help you select individuals who balance your skill set and complement your weaknesses. Trust those whom you have selected to join your collaborative business group and let go of taking everything on yourself. Develop your “why” – the reason you have embarked on this project in the first place, and continuously remind yourself of the end goal so you can stay on track. And above all, speak the truth when communicating with your team members and with yourself.

To find out more about setting up a collaborative business group, feel free to give me a call at 610.724.7869.


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