Take a Stroll in Your Client’s Sandals

One of the most common mistakes I see in every company – large or small – is to automatically assume if you like something, your client will like it as well.

But ask yourself these few questions:

  • Are your clients really bowled over with the first few lines of your website?
  • Do their eyebrows raise at the mention of your brand promise? Are you sure?
  • Does your service raise the level of happiness in their life?

While most people think they can adequately understand their customers, there is often a wide gap in the marketer’s ability to understand, anticipate, and deliver on what a customer needs and wants.  Remember, it’s your job to instill happiness.

If you aren’t sure ASK THEM.  Do not be afraid to poll your customers – and ask clear, precise, and poignant questions.

And if you’re not sure what or how to ask them, give me a call!

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