Take an Honest Approach with Your Prospects

When reaching out to a potential customer and/or networking prospect, be truthful in your communication. Rather than using sales tactics and vague messages, trust the truth to get you in the door.

There’s no harm in letting your potential prospects know you’re interested in them, BUT you have to actually BE interested in them! Many times, people pretend to be interested in order to make a sale. Feigned interest is pretty transparent. Instead, find something that actually does interest you about them. Sometimes, this can be the hardest part; but when you do, you will be sincere in your approach, and that sincerity will shine through.

What if you’ve been honest in your approach and still get a “no”? Sales people have been told for eons that no doesn’t necessarily mean no; and that they should find and overcome objections, however, sometimes no really does mean no. But if you’ve built up any sort of relationship with the person by your sincere and honest approach, you’ll be able to find out the difference. The biggest fear most small business owners have is that of rejection. When you own the business, you take every “no” personally. Believe me!  If this is you, I have a product coming out in a matter of weeks that will help you overcome your fear of rejection – stay tuned!

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