Three Keys to Creating Quality Content

The goal of your marketing efforts is to grab the attention of your target audience, boost your brand and grow your leads. If you have been struggling to gain attention from your specific audience, follow these three keys to create quality content.

Choose Topics Your Audiences Cares About

First, make sure you are giving important information about a topic with which your target consumer is grappling. Is this an issue they continually face or is it merely every once in a while. Forget about yourself for a moment and what your objective is, but rather think of this sentence as though you were speaking to your potential customer about an issue they struggle with that your knowledge can alleviate.  Start out by thinking about the times you’ve been a customer..and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Once you’ve identified a topic they care about, and the knowledge you have that might help them, start writing! 

Have an Opinion

Second, your marketing content must include a strong, well-constructed opinion about what your audience ought to consider doing to resolve their issue. This is a time to be informative and educate your potential client. Help them appreciate you as an industry expert, not just another voice with something to pitch. Keep in mind that you are speaking to the individuals in your audience – not a group – so avoid industry jargon and assumptions and keep it real.

Offer Learning Options

Finally, appeal to more than one learning style. Use both visual graphics and words whenever possible. Images – such as pictures and charts – can help emphasize your point. Audiences also have a short attention span, so using graphics can help break up the text and make it more appealing to keep reading.

If you are having trouble developing strong content, give me a call at 610.724.7869 to talk through it. We’ll have you connecting with your audience in no time!

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