If you are a business owner who believes sales training doesn’t generally work, I’d agree. Why? Because although people love to buy, they hate being sold to—and when they do buy, it’s from someone they know, like and trust.

How do you get people to know, like and trust you without networking every moment of the day?  By developing an authentic brand based on your natural strengths—and taking a stand–to attract people to you.

Developing a brand that attracts people is all about understanding their desires and offering them a way to acquire what it is they want.  But it only works when it’s aligned with what you truly have to offer. There are brands that work by attracting what I call our most “base” desires – and then there are those that call to our “higher” selves. I made a decision in recent years that I would only work with those who wanted to create the latter—that want to tell the truth about what they offer in an authentic, meaningful voice—without the layers of BS (Business-Speak) and sales “jargon.”

A pretty uncommon approach, I know. But the TRUTH(tm) works, believe it or not.

Each participant-centered training session—partly inspirational, partly motivational, partly educational—leaves people feeling empowered, knowing exactly what it takes to be successful and how to immediately apply it.

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