Use Videos to Create Consistently High-Quality Content

This week on Marketing Monday I told you to use MORE VIDEO in your marketing efforts. Videos are an easy way to create consistently high-quality content.

You can always take videos of yourself using your phone or computer. While it’s obviously not going to be nearly as well-done as if you use a professional, the purpose should be to share your valuable CONTENT. If you choose to do it by yourself, the MAIN thing to be concerned about is that the quality of your video doesn’t TAKE AWAY from the quality of your content. That means taking pains to make sure you have decent lighting and sound. Make sure your face is well-lit, but not too harshly. Also, speak a little louder and a bit more slowly than you normally would so that you will be better understood. If you’re camera shy, feel free to use props, like a white board, on which you can show concepts. Another, more sophisticated method for telling video story is to use video animation. There are lots of options these days; do a little research to find what’s best for you.

To have a video professionally shot and edited isn’t cheap, but you can make it far more affordable with a little planning. If, for example, you want to do a video blog twice a month for a year, then you should prepare 24 topics in advance. Then you can hire a crew to shoot 24 mini-segments of you in one, albeit long, day (but you MUST be efficient and have your scripts and wardrobe ready). By using a professional, he or she can help you with editing (trust me, you’ll seem much smarter with a little editing) as well as with re-using lots of material (say, for the opening and closing segments of each).

If your content is valuable to your audience, they will be more forgiving about the quality of your video.  But if you want to be SURE it will be effective, have good content AND hire a professional. Call me for advice and further details.

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