When Talking Price, Avoid Saying “It depends…”

You can certainly say “it depends” if you want to be a pansy-ass.  But, if you do, at least explain what it depends on; instead of just “it depends on your budget”.

If you go pansy-ass, then give qualifiers… For example, if it’s a video, you could say, “It depends on a couple of variables like the length, whether you want or need animation, how many days of actual shooting versus editing, etc.”  That way, at least you’re giving them something.  That said, I still prefer an answer that more closely aligns with something like, “We produce videos that tell a truly compelling story; stories that really move an audience to take action.  Therefore, it doesn’t come cheap.  Our videos tend to be in the range of $10,000-20,000 depending on a couple of factors.”  Then give those factors.

Another tip when discussing price: always agree.  “Oh, you can definitely get my services cheaper, but you can’t get them cheaper from ME.”  Then, talk about why your service is different.  And it always is; because it’s given by YOU, so figure out what makes you so special.  That comes easily to me (!)

I think there are two qualities that make conversations about any uncomfortable topic easier: humor and empathy.  I used both in one sentence when working with a nun from the St. Francis Spiritual Center and she told me she didn’t have any money.  I said, “Sr. Christina, it’s from a higher authority that you can find the money if you really want this to happen; so I trust you’ll find the money.”  Guess what?  She got the money.

If you’re really having a hard time with discussing price, pick up the phone & call me.  I will coach you through it (and promise not to call you a pansy-ass…)

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